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Top tops, low price…

Top tops, low price...

So, I know a lot of people say they can never find things they like in charity shops, and others who wouldn’t go into one for fear of being seen looking at second hand clothes. After some particular success today I thought it would be good to show the quality of clothing you can get in the hope of convincing you that you really do NOT need to spend crazy amounts on labels you love!

On a break from Uni today I took a stroll down to the Scope shop in Camberwell High Street to see what they had on offer… And scored a few bargains! Inspired by my success, I also stopped a the big Barnardo’s in Brixton and picked up a few more things.

I should mention that these items are labelled Jigsaw (cardigan), Promod (sleeveless blouse), and Warehouse (purple long sleeved blouse). You may also be interested to know that the unpleasant long sleeved blouse is current season and selling in their stores for £40.00!


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