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Free Fashion at Freecycle


I recently entered the wonderful world of Freecycle, when looking for some paint pots and really not wanting to have to pay full price for more paint than I needed.

Whilst looking through the listings on my local Freecycle site, I saw a post from a freecycler that she had two big bags of clothing which she was giving away free, as a way of saving her the trip to the charity shop. I sent her an email, and as I was the first to respond, I made arrangements to collect the clothes the following morning.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised, scoring a few pairs of jeans (Zara) which were in great condition, some dresses (Zara and Mango), a few shirts (GAP), and a few knitted jumpers. There was a lot more, but sadly many items which were really not wearable or didn’t fit, but which I made arrangements to deliver to my local textile recycling collection point. I had been completely unaware of the possibilities for freecycle, and am now completely addicted. I was thrilled to get so many lovely free items of clothing, but have also listed some of my own unwanted items from around the house, which other people have a need for (everything from household goods, furniture, bikes and sporting goods, books etc).

When I started this challenge, nearly a year ago, I did not have any idea whatsoever that I would find a way of getting free clothing, and expected that the majority would come from charity shops and ebay. The vast majority of the items of have acquired over the year have indeed come from charity shops, but I highly recommend logging on to your local freecycle site and checking out what they have before you spend a cent as I was pleasantly surprised!



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