Futures Before Fashions

… green is the new black …

About Me

I am 30 something. I am Australian but have lived in London for the last seven years.

I’m a professional person who has been known to buy ‘stuff’ I don’t actually need from time to time, and who has been quite content in my ignorance thinking that just buying long-life light bulbs and separating my recycling is ‘doing my fair share’ to tackle the slow destruction of our planet.

I recently watched a film which made me hate the human race so much for being so dumb that I thought I should do something. So, here we are.

On 23rd March 2013 at 8:30pm, to coincide with WWF’s Earth Hour, I will be embarking on a year-long challenge to buy only used, pre-worn and second-hand clothing in an effort to raise awareness about climate change.

The inspiration for the self set challenge came after watching a film called “The Age Of Stupid” which made me think about what I could do to reduce my carbon footprint, help to reduce unnecessary waste, and raise awareness about the role of fashion and textile industries in contributing to climate change.

I will be documenting my challenge via social media outlets, posting information about the impacts of these industries on our planet, and giving tips on how individuals and companies could make their own small efforts that could make a big difference.

Oh…  before you start to comment on my use of modern technology … check out my FAQ’s page… you might find the answers you need and more…

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