Futures Before Fashions

… green is the new black …


SO….what are the rules?… and what about underwear?

Simple. I will only buy used/preloved/second-hand clothing for an entire year. The only items I am allowed to buy new are underwear, for obvious reasons.

You fly a lot, love gadgets and own a car. What about the rest of your carbon footprint? 

Its true. I fly internationally a lot. I also love shiny new gadgets and occasionally drive a diesel run car.

I am not claiming to be, or trying to become carbon neutral, but rather – addressing my contribution by focusing on one element – one that few people consider when thinking about their own carbon footprint. The second point is to raise awareness about how people can make small changes that could make a big difference.

But… as we do consider, minimise or offset our other contributions where we can, I will also be sharing tips on how other could try to do this. I am also hoping to become more aware myself over the course of the year of alternatives to some of the other aspects of my lifestyle which could do with some attention so – feel free to send me your own suggestions!

How do we know you aren’t cheating and shopping it up at Oxford Street or Westfield every weekend? 

Well, I guess you don’t know… but you are going to have to trust me. One of the things I will be blogging about is probably issues I might have in finding appropriate items to wear to special events, weddings, christenings, bar mitzvahs and red carpet events*** and how I might have resolved these dilemmas.

People often have the perception of charity or pre-loved clothing as being worn out, old-fashioned and out of style. I am hoping to challenge some of these views by looking equally as unique and glamorous as I usually do as opposed to the tattered mess they seem to have in their minds when they walk past charity shops on their way to H&M or Primark.

***Okay – so I have technically never been to a bar mitzvah and only walked one red carpet in my life but felt I should include it – who knows what could happen over the next year???

Where will you get these clothes? 

I will get clothes from charity shops, markets, clothes swap events, and possibly even eBay. To cut down on the impact of postage required on eBay items – these will only be bought from local (UK) sellers.


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